sunset ride in the Adirondacks

Hello Friends!

I’m sure you all have been on the edge of your seats and saddles wondering what comes next when you end a big ride like ours. There’s no question that is a huge task to figure out how to start a nonprofit.

Well, after brainstorming and spending countless hours pulling our hair out trying to figure out how to best put into words and clarify what we would like to do…and trying not to get overwhelmed by attempting to put together a budget for something that has yet to exist…we think we have developed a bit of a plan.

A little over a week ago we met with all the staff members of Essex County Mental Health in Elizabethtown, NY. They were excited to hear about our big adventure and what we are now motivated to do. It was very refreshing and inspiring for all parties involved and we left with an extra charge of energy to continue our mission.

They encouraged us to hold a presentation here, as well as a community discussion to give everyone the opportunity to hear ideas and input from others. We were also given a number of great professional contacts who may also want to be involved.

This is all VERY EXCITING! To see our next planned event and community meeting check out our new events page at:

To see our new and exciting vision and add your ideas and comments go to:

Happy riding!

Elise and Jeremiah

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