With appropriate funding, our Mission is to develop partnerships and programs to provide:

Empowerment through therapeutic movement, holistic wellness, and community building. 

Our Vision is to create:

Events to Raise Awareness 

Cycling Event: Ride Above Depression 12mi 25mi and 50mi

Its like a march, except everyone is on bikes! Imagine huge groups of people who have all been effected by depression and its ripple effect riding to raise awareness of just how common of an illness it is. It would help people understand that it is more normal and widespread than we think, and that we are not alone and help is available. Ideally we would like to have our first event in Fall 2014 in Essex County, NY. 

We are also open to partnering with organizations that would like to offer other types of athletic events to help fundraise and raise awareness. 

Holistic Programs to Build Community

R.A.D. Riders

Cycling Team – centered around using cycling as therapeutic exercise and an opportunity to be part of a team of mentors and peers who also are experiencing mood disorders. Empowerment through bike maintenance, race participation, and building strong supportive relationships and a sense of community.

Therapeutic Service Work

Partnerships with local organic farms to provide opportunities to develop a connection with food and learn the powerful ways that healthy food can positively affect our mind and body. 

Partnerships with animal shelters and farms to work around and with animals to provide fun ways to be active outdoors and around therapeutic animals. 

Residential Therapy Center

A brand new kind of residential retreat center that is affordable to those who have become unemployed due to their illness. A retreat that provides a daily schedule of health and wellness activities including; therapeutic movement, organic farming and culinary skills, animal assisted therapy, life coaching and career transition support, art and music therapy, outdoor excursions, empowerment through education, and counseling. An environment that will encourage a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Please leave your ideas, comments and suggestions below, we love to hear back from you!


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