Community Planning Events

Our first Community Planning Meeting will be held Wednesday, August 20th 7:00pm! 

Elizabethtown Social Center, 7626 Route 9, Elizabethtown, NY (all meetings held in upstairs conference room)

We welcome all community members who are passionate about seeing programs be offered for those that are suffering with depression, or have been impacted by loved ones suffering and would like to be strong advocates. At our planning meetings we will brainstorm ways that the community and its organizations can come together to create a strong support network and funding to ensure that we can take action to enable therapeutic programs to be easily accessible to all who need it. We will present our ideas and vision, and make a plan for actualizing the most pressing needs first.

We plan to focus strongly on providing support for teens and adults, as there are already programs in place for younger youth. All ideas and backgrounds of experience are encouraged to attend!

Planning Meeting 2 – Wednesday, August 27

Planning Meeting 3 – Wednesday, September 3

Please email us at if you wish to provide support but cannot attend the scheduled meetings.



Slideshow and Community Discussion

Wednesday, July 9th 7:00pm

Elizabethtown Social Center, 7626 Route 9, Elizabethtown, NY

Come hear the inspirational story about how New Russia local Jeremiah Reiner and partner Elise Porter managed to ride above depression, and why they are on a mission to change the way it is treated both in society, and in hospitals. Find out what makes the difference, and be a part of our vision for a nonprofit in our very own community.

Depression can inspire us to take action. For us, depression inspired a cycling trip of over 2,500 miles across 7 states. Mood disorders can either take away your life, or push you to fight to live a life that you love. 

One out of every four Americans will suffer from a mood disorder, generally caused by chemical changes in the brain, and go unrecognized until desperate and immediate action is needed. Most of us will struggle alone, and only those closest to us will know, but will feel helpless and unsure of what to do. We may fall to drugs, alcohol, or medications that merely mask symptoms and help us continue in a survival mode. Even worse, it can cause manic episodes that prompt suicide, shootings, and trips to the hospital. We are long overdue to take positive action.


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