We are a grassroots organization that was inspired by a cross country bike ride of 4,600 miles in the winter of 2014.  Why did we ride? Clinical depression combined with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (G.A.D.) pushed us to do it. We had struggled to find the support we needed in a health system centered around medications.

Inspiration NOT Stigma  Our ride gave us the opportunity to inspire others with our journey, and speak about depression as a motivator. We found that it helped others to be able to talk about living with a mood disorder free of the normal stigma. It is estimated that 1 out of every 4 people will suffer from a mood disorder in America. It is also one of the leading causes of a disability to work. The more research we did, and the more people we reached out to, the more we realized the major epidemic. Few lives have been left untouched by depression and suicide. We saw the need to create a major change in the mental health system, and the stigma that surrounds it.

The nonprofit creation begins! We have begun our intensive planning stage and are holding community planning meetings along with other professional organizations who are also dedicated to creating a major shift in mental health services. Planning meetings will begin August 20th for the Essex County (NY) area programs. See our events Page for more information. To stay updated please sign up for our blog. 

We aim to provide partnerships to fill the voids that both consumers and medical professionals see as powerful pathways to recovery. 

Examples of opportunities we wish to provide:

Team R.A.D.

Cycling Team – centered around using cycling as therapeutic exercise and an opportunity to be part of a team of mentors and peers who also are experiencing mood disorders in a low pressure environment. Empowerment through bike maintenance, race participation, and building healthy relationships.

Group Therapeutic Service Activities

Partnerships with local organic farms to provide opportunities to develop a connection with food and learn the powerful ways that healthy food can positively affect our mind and body. Partnerships with animal shelters and farms to work around and with animals to provide fun ways to be active outdoors and around therapeutic animals.

Residential Therapy Center

A brand new kind of residential retreat center that is affordable to those who have become unemployed due to their illness. A retreat that provides a daily schedule of health and wellness activities including; therapeutic movement, organic farming and culinary skills, animal assisted therapy, life coaching and career transition support, art and music therapy, outdoor excursions, empowerment through education, and counseling. An environment that will encourage a sense of purpose and belonging. 

Your Donations Are Graciously Accepted and Appreciated!

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