I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Personal Training Institute certified personal trainer and sports model. I prefer the title of Wellness Coach. My passion has always been to help people live a more joyful, rich life. Throughout my career I have found many venues to help that happen; running recreation programs at resorts and the city, ski instructing, challenge courses and team building, teen recreation programs, nutrition coaching, personal training and inspiring people to go after their dreams through life coaching. I also love photography, painting, and writing. It brings me the most joy to help people have their bodies back. I specialize in corrective exercise, which means that I find all imbalances in the muscle groups and put them back in balance. This type of training can remove aches and pains that have been around someone’s entire life! Over the last years of training it’s been hard for me to ignore that what we hold in our bodies, almost perfectly mirrors what we hold in our lives. For example, shoulders folded forward and a concave chest reveal a heart being protected. Inflexibility of the body often reveals an inflexible mind, or areas of resistance to life. Same goes with the way we keep our homes or personal space.

R.A.D. is giving me the perfect venue to be able to pursue all my passions to truly help those that need it the most. It gives me a way to be able to bring together a community of professionals in the wellness field, combined with therapeutic movement (cycling and others), life coaching, eating healing foods, and the support of a community to empower people to overcome depression and have their life back. I believe in the power of a tribe. I am so honored that I have been guided to take on this mission!


For more of my personal articles and story go to:
Blog: YES Body Fitness
LinkedIn: Elise Porter
Facebook: Elise Porter
Twitter: @ElisePo
Flickr: EitherEndoftheLens




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