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We are currently raising funds to support our ride across the USA, from Sanibel Island, Florida to Seattle, Washington. This will take 4 months of surviving on the road. Doing this kind of trip is not free, and neither of us are independently wealthy or even remotely close, we just believe in what we are doing with so much passion that we are taking the risk of doing this without enough pre-existing funds.

Your donations go directly to the development of the organization and it’s future programs. We have estimated that this trip will cost around $8,000. This breaks down to about $1,000/month, per person. It will cover food, lodging, and bike maintenance. Most of it is for food, our fuel…much cheaper than gas and friendlier to the environment! And no, we aren’t even eating at fancy restaurants. We are living as frugally as possible, and often staying with wonderful hosts through warm, couch, and other friends and family along the way. Basically, if we don’t get enough donations, we can’t eat, and therefore can’t continue our ride.

Why are we riding? First and foremost we are riding to help our own depression. We know that in order to truly help others, we must first heal ourselves fully. So far this has been extremely successful for Elise. She is already completely off any anxiety meds, and making plans to ween off of antidepressants. A huge part of our ride is laying the foundations of our nonprofit. We are meeting with potential business partners, making presentations, and inspiring everyone we can along our way.

Your Donations Are Graciously Accepted and Appreciated!

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