_rbc1015-editv2-edit - Version 2My depression has been on-going. The earliest memories of my depressed state were when I was ten years old. They consisted of unexplained crying spells and the desire to be alone even though I really needed support. My teens were filled with athletic and academic success coupled with loneliness. In my mind, I was an outcast in school even though everyone liked me.

Cycling found its way into my life when I was 17, and I took part in races soon thereafter. I loved the freedom and rhythmic enjoyment that it gave me. College was brutal. I withdrew from my classes on four occasions. I have been under the care of psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors for seven years, gone through two extended hospitalizations, and 15 different medications. Through all this, I came to realize that for me cycling, nutrition, and community support have helped more than anything else. So I have decided to set off on this ride to inspire others to create their own empowering mind and body connections.





Photo Credit: Blake Crosby Photography

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