Bike Touring is NOT Glamorous


Here’s the REAL part of bike touring. I think it’s been fun to post all the beautiful pics of sunny beaches and smiling faces, but I have to show the real side of being on the road. It’s not always glamorous, or easy, and sometimes outright uncomfortable and dangerous. Like when you ride through downtown Sarasota and a truck with a trailer almost takes you out going around a bend. Lesson learned, check that one off the list. It’s also not uncommon to have to ride on busy roads you would rather not be on, only to hear a truck blast by (with a couple 4 wheelers in the back) and yell, “Get the f*%k off the road!” Here’s a few more examples for your viewing pleasure…

Unique tan lines that make you look super cool at the beach. Not!


Sometimes you get stuck in a random ice glaze in the Florida pan handle, and have to duck tape your shoes for warmth.
Duck taped shoes for warmth

Sometimes you get caught in the rain, and soaked to the bone.
Soaked to the bone

Sometimes you get stuck, waiting for a broken down ferry and riding for hours without breakfast, no civilization in sight. Oh, AND you can see the other side of the water. We waited for 3 hours! We thought about starving people in 3rd world countries, and felt slightly better.

Waiting for a broken down ferry

Or riding through industrial traffic, ingesting fumes by the gallon


Flat tires, they happen. Sometimes too often.

Flat tires

But at the end of the day, I would rather be on my bike than almost anywhere else! (Even on a freezing cold 30 degree with a 15 mph headwind with sleet that makes an ice glaze on my feet)

Freezing cold ride, but still happy!

A New Beginning


The journey has begun! I feel a sense of excitement mixed with nervous energy. Leaving Seattle this morning was the first time I’ve been able to relax and gather my thoughts. Elise and I have accomplished a lot in the last four weeks. Our dedication to Ride Above Depression has already inspired every person that we have spoken with, and we know in our hearts that our vision will help 1,000’s of people overcome their battle with depression. I seem to forget the fact that we too, still suffer from depression. It’s a continuous battle. The struggles are not over. We have found a clear direction in our lives and it’s one that has brought me to tears on several occasions. Not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy and rejuvenation. When I first shared our idea with my parents on the phone I could barely speak. Emotions flooded my body like never before. It was as if a lifetime of sadness had been pushed out. Pouring in was hope, happiness, and a new sense of purpose.


I’m currently in the air as I write. There was rain when I left Seattle this morning. The rainy city was living up to its reputation as usual. I landed in Milwaukee, stretched my legs, then re-boarded the same plane to make my pilgrimage to Ft. Myers where my mom’s good friend Maureen has been kind enough to host Elise and I. I’m so excited to see Elise!!! She has been so inspiring to me with her riding adventures over the past two months. I’m truly fortunate to have her in my life and together we are embarking on the adventure off a lifetime. One that I never could have imagined. Yet here we are and we’re so excited to be able to share it with the world! Please join Elise and I on our incredible journey. Follow our Blog and please share it with your friends!!!