Each week we are going to post an inspirational story about an individual or group who has used some combination of cycling, wholesome nutrition and community to assist in riding above their depression. You may have used one or all of these tools. In either case we would love to hear your stories!
Please email them to rideabovedepression@gmail.com and please attach a pic of you that we can display on our posts.
This weeks story made Elise and I smile cheek to cheek ūüôā It’s a story of a young man from germany. His name is Mathias and his story is sure to help many in need of some inspiration in their own life.
Hi there,
I’ve read about R.A.D in Facebook so I wanted to thank you for your dedication¬†against Depression.
My Name is Matthias, i’m from germany and i hope my englisch grammar is ok.
I was in a psychological hospital for 6 months cause i contracted in Depressions many years ago, so i can’t go on with life¬†on my own, everything was so hard to go on. I was bullied in shool, by my father, at work, i was tired all day and got no will for anything, so i was introverted and got no self-respect.
But i’m a happy Guy, i like to laugh very much,¬†so i can forget my problem for a moment.
In hospital i learned how to defeat Depression on multible ways, but there was only one way that makes me feel to be a live.
They asked me to leave all things thats keeping me down and to do things i like to do. For me, my dog and my bike were my life, so i left everything else behind and kept focused on both these things. I reduced my circle of friends, so there will be the only good ones left, they know about my Past and my problems and help where they can.
So i started to bike more than ever so my Health begins to improve. Now i’m a downhill biker. It’s not to get the Adrenaline flash, for me its about to¬†be focused, controll myself, being proud for good riding and improved skills. In these moments, every foreign thought can bring me to hospital.
I’m also a very careful rider, you see, it’s not about the flash,¬†its about mastering difficult Sections. Everything is possible, but doesn’t have to. Smaller steps can generate small successes, too.
I think, its to early to say i’m recovered, but i think i’ve chosen my way, the right way for me.Thats my story, i’m very happy about your project and i wish you strenght, power of will, dedication and lots of hope for your fights against Depression. Good luck for your way!
Mathias Emsi
Thanks for sharing Mathias!

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